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Good to have you here.

Hello! I make music for films, TV series and commercials from my studio in Reykjavík, Iceland. I'm happy you found me here. This is where I share some of my work, along with the occasional blog article about the hows and whys behind it. 


I had the pleasure of partnering up with Samsung to do the 2018 version of
'Over The Horizon', the default ringtone and brand sound of Samsung Galaxy devices.
Official press release is here, and you can read a short blog post with more information here:



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Ligeglad Soundtrack OST

More music is of course to be found on the music page, just one click away.


Samsung - Over The Horizon 2018

Samsung - Over The Horizon 2018

I'm very happy to announce a collaboration that I've been looking forward to sharing with you.

Last year, I was contacted by Samsung and offered to be their 2018 Artist Collaborator for the Over The Horizon project. Over The Horizon is the familiar melody that we have all heard, the default ringtone and brand sound of Samsung Galaxy devices, originally composed by Joong-sam Yun. 

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The Soundtracks Of Our Lives

The Soundtracks Of Our Lives

This last decade has seen a big rise in interest in soundtrack music and cinematic instrumental music. Here are some personal thoughts on why that might be, and the philosophy behind much of the work you will find here.

The way we enjoy music changed drastically with the introduction of our own private music space, with what I consider to be a proper music revolution - The Walkman. 

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A visit from Spitfire Audio

A visit from Spitfire Audio

If you are into making music, especially if you do any composing work for film and tv, chances are that you may have heard of Spitfire Audio. They are a leading company in the making of sample libraries, tools that many of us rely on, both for temp work and composition and even for final production. 

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Maybe you came all this way just to contact me. And we all know what we think about websites that do not have contact info on the landing page. 
So here you go.


Use this e-mail for fun, uplifting and personal exchanges, if you have taken the time to listen to my music. I don't bite, but I don't always have time to answer promptly. It's not you. It's me.


If you want to use my music for a commercial project, film, TV series, or anything else that requires clearing, please contact Anthemico Records. For everything else, please just ask. 


If you want to hire me for scoring film projects and commercials, or anything else you can think of, please contact Medialux Music Productions using this email:

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