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Sonic branding
for the Football Association of Iceland

The Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ) needed new music, mnemonics and sonic branding for their new brand identity. So here we are. 

It's been a while in the making, but today marks the first release of my music for the Icelandic national football teams in a a specially made version for the revelation of a new total identity for the teams, where everything from kits to logo gets an overhaul. 

The song is a part of a bigger sonic branding package that will accompany the Icelandic teams to inspire the audience and players and make every match a unique experience. 

The project was headed by Stefan Gunnarson, marketing director for the Football Association of Iceland, which also sought the collaboration of agency Brandenburg for the logo design and branding, and star Icelandic goalkeeper Hannes Thor Halldorsson to direct the video. 

You can read detailed information about the branding strategy .:here:.

Iceland glacier
Iceland mountains
Iceland lava

Now, the music. First of all we knew we wanted the soundscape to have a very clear connection with Icelandic nature and the strong elements that shape it. So within the music, you will find layers of weather and fierce nature.

Another very unique thing that had to be part of our sonic identity is the by now world famous Viking Clap, which captivated the world during Iceland's strong entry in the men's UEFA European Championship in 2016. We knew that we wanted to integrate that sound and that force, but subtly. So it became part of the overall percussion. 

And last but not least, we wanted to find a sound that would be raw and gritty, yet make use of orchestral elements so it could in an epic way underline the strength and tenacity our teams are famous for. Big drums, raw bass, bowed electric strings. There is a time for minimalism, but this is certainly not it. This is passionate music for a very passionate crowd. 

The two notes that comprise the sonic logo or mnemonic are really a battlecry or a call to arms to the supporters and players alike. It's battle time. 


So without further ado, here is the video presenting the now logo of the Icelandic national football teams:

And last but not least, here is the Walk-in version on Spotify, if you want to get really geared up for an exciting match. It's called Fyrir Ísland - or 'For Iceland'