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Daybreak - Release Notes

When most of my time is dedicated to scoring work or other commissioned music, releasing my own music often needs to be set aside, but I really love making it and sharing it with you.


Case - a Netflix Original

It all started in June of 2014. Director Baldvin Z. came by and told me that he had some really great scripts that he wanted me to write music to. I got a draft script of the first episode

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A visit from Spitfire Audio

If you are into making music, especially if you do any composing work for film and tv, chances are that you may have heard of Spitfire Audio. They came by for a visit. See the videos here.


Iceland Aurora Soundtrack

I composed some music for Iceland Aurora, a non-narrative time-lapse film which captures the mesmerising Aurora Borealis and the unique scenery of Iceland. 

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Finish that song and release it!!

Some thoughts on why creative people tend to procrastinate almost endlessly when it comes to finishing work that has no deadlines or clients.


Ligeglad Soundtrack

Iceland is a country famously not known for comedies. In fact most of our films and TV series are about the darker side of the the human life.  Enter Ligeglad (Whatever).

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Composing music for VR - Part I

VR. Gaming, education, business, all have huge possibilities in the virtual immersive space as well as augmented reality. 

And then, there is music. 

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The Soundtrack of our lives

We have seen a big rise in interest in soundtrack music and cinematic instrumental music. Here are some personal thoughts on why that might be, and the philosophy behind much of the work you will find here.

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